Homes for Sale in Spring Creek, Haughton, LA

Real Estate in Spring Creek, Haughton, LA

Find the best Homes for Sale in Spring Creek, Haughton, LA. Spring Creek is a residential subdivision located in the southern edge of Haughton, Louisiana. The neighborhood is built around a lightly forested area. The district has lovely tree lines throughout the community providing a refreshing landscape and cozy shades during sunny days. There are several walking trails surrounding the region that go deeper in the nature preserves. Homes in the Spring Creek neighborhood are lovely single-family houses that have beautiful brick exteriors with classic architecture. 

Amenities in Spring Creek, Haughton, LA

Families living in Spring Creek can enjoy the amazing community amenities exclusively available to the residents. These include lovely walking trails, open green spaces, children’s playground and more. The family-friendly environment provided by the subdivision makes the area perfect for families looking for a new home to raise their children. The neighborhood is a short drive north to central Haughton where you can find retail stores, schools, and restaurants that you can check out for your daily necessities. The community is also a 30-minute drive to Downtown Shreveport making it an excellent home for professionals working in the city looking for a home detached from the noise of the metropolitan living. Moreover, Spring Creek has great amusement parks, sports stadiums, casinos, hotels, riverside attractions, and many other places to visit for entertainment.

Amenities in Spring Creek

Schools in Spring Creek, Haughton, LA

School options in the region near Spring Creek are mostly situated in the town center of Haughton which is a short drive to the north of the neighborhood. Schools in the area include Haughton Christian Academy, Haughton Elementary School, Haughton Middle School, and Haughton High School. These schools provide excellent educational facilities and professional staff to help prepare your kids for their future.

Schools near Spring Creek
Schools near Spring Creek

Selling your Spring Creek, Haughton, LA Home

If you plan to sell your home in the Spring Creek neighborhood, you will want to market your property online. Online Real Estate Sales account to around 92% of all home purchases nowadays. Having your house listed online can increase the number of potential buyers that will be able to see your home ads. Our team has worked with several clients market their home properly. We will help you throughout the process of selling your home and make it as fast and easy as possible. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please feel free to Contact Us today.

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