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Last updated: 08/15/2023

Thank you for visiting GregRyan.com. This disclaimer aims to inform our users and visitors about the limits of the information provided on our website.

  1. Experience and Expertise Greg Ryan has served as a real estate agent in the Bossier City market for over 34 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the region. However, it’s essential to understand the boundaries and nuances of the guidance provided.
  2. Property Valuations While Greg Ryan draws upon years of experience and comprehensive market insights to provide property valuations, it’s crucial to note that these valuations are estimates. They are not guaranteed figures and can fluctuate based on a myriad of factors. Property owners, buyers, and other stakeholders should consult with multiple professionals or agencies and conduct thorough market research before making any financial decisions based on property values.
  3. Market Trends The real estate market is influenced by a variety of unpredictable factors, from economic shifts to sudden regional developments. While GregRyan.com offers insights based on current knowledge and past experience, we cannot guarantee or predict how market trends will affect a specific property or area in the future.
  4. Informational Purposes Only The content provided on GregRyan.com is for informational purposes only. It should not be construed as financial, legal, or professional advice in any form. Users are encouraged to consult with certified professionals in relevant fields for any queries or advice.
  5. No Financial or Legal Advice GregRyan.com does not offer financial or legal advice. Any information interpreted as such is coincidental and not intentional. We strongly recommend seeking counsel from qualified professionals for any financial or legal concerns.
  6. Changes to This Disclaimer We reserve the right to update or modify this disclaimer at any given time. Any changes will be reflected on this page, and we encourage users to review this disclaimer periodically to remain informed.
  7. Contacting Us For any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer or any information on our website, please reach out to us through our contact page.